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Quarterly Reports

Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. (SICL) is an established General Insurance Company promoted by a young team of reputed Industrial and Business Houses involved in various fields like Aviation, Banking, Manufacturing, Trading, Travel Trade, Media Houses etc.

F.Y. 2074/2075 4th Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2074/2075 3rd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2074/2075 2nd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2074/2075 1st Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2073/2074 4th Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2073/2074 3rd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2073/2074 2nd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2073/2074 1st Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2072/2073 4th Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2072/2073 3rd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2072/2073 2nd Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2072/2073 1st Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2071/2072 4th Quarter‌‌

F.Y. 2071/2072 3rd Quarter

F.Y. 2071/2072 2nd Quarter

F.Y. 2071/2072 1st Quarter

F.Y. 2070/2071 4th Quarter

F.Y. 2070/2071 3rd Quarter

F.Y. 2070/2071 2nd Quarter

F.Y. 2070/2071 1st Quarter

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Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box: 10692, Kathmandu Nepal
Phone No: +977-01-4246101, 4246102
Fax No: 977-1-4246103