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Health Insurance

Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. (SICL) is an established General Insurance Company promoted by a young team of reputed Industrial and Business Houses involved in various fields like Aviation, Banking, Manufacturing, Trading, Travel Trade, Media Houses etc.

Health Insurance covers a whole range of expenses and offers Cashless Treatments in 28 listed hospitals in Nepal and over 4,000 hospitals all over India. In case the hospital is a part of the provider network, cashless facility will be granted otherwise, reimbursement facilities will be applicable. It can be taken by individuals, couples, family and corporate employees.

The benefits of this insurance are:

  • In-Patient Treatment
  • 150 Day Care Procedures/Treatments
  • From 30 Days Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses
  • To 60 Days Post–Hospitalization Expenses


  1. In-Patient Treatment (Hospitalization)

Covers hospitalization expenses incurred as an in-patient in a Hospital which will include:

  • Room, Boarding and Operation Theatre charges
  • Fees of Surgeon, Anesthetist, Nurses, Specialists
  • The cost of diagnostic tests, medicines, blood, oxygen, appliances like pacemaker, artificial limbs and organs etc.

In-Patient Treatment requires a hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hours.

2. Day Care Procedures/Treatments (Hospitalization less than 24 hrs.)

Due to advancement of technology, hospitalization expenses for certain treatments / diseases like the following are also covered, even though the hospitalization is for less than 24 hours (List Attached).

3. Pre-Hospitalization and Post-Hospitalization Expenses

  • Pre-hospitalization Medical Expenses incurred by Insured for a 30-day period immediately prior to Hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization Medical Expenses incurred by Insured for a 60-day period immediately post Hospitalization.


  1. Permanent Exclusions
  2. 4 Years for Pre Existing Diseases
  3. 2 Years Waiting Period Certain Treatment
  4. Medical Expenses Incurred Within 30 Days of Inception of the Policy

Non medicalexpenses (i.e Sanitary napkins, towels, Tooth brush, Birth Certificate, Thermometer e.t.c)

  1. Ambulance  Charges
  2. Higher Category room (i.e. suites however this does not apply to single standard AC room/ Cabin)

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