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१ बीमालेखको प्रति
२ पूर्ण रुपले भरेको दावी फारम
३ होम आइसोलेसनमा बसेको खण्डमा स्थानीय निकायबाट प्रमाणित कागजात
४ अस्पताल र / वा क्वारेन्टिनमा बसेको खण्डमा डिस्चार्ज सिट
५ नेपाल सरकारको आधिकारिक परिचयपत्र जस्तै नागरिकताको प्रतिलिपि
६ पिसीआर रिपोर्टको सक्कल प्रति
७ उपचारको खण्डमा सो को बिल र / वा नगदी रसिदको सक्कल प्रतिहरु
  • Location - Head Office

    Shikhar Biz Centre,Thapathali,
  • Working Hours

    9:30-5:30pm (Sunday-Friday)
    9:30-1:30pm (Friday) Branches Only
  • Phone No.

    01-4246101 (Head Office)
    01-5970010 (call center)

Home Insurance

Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd. (SICL) is an established General Insurance Company promoted by a young team of reputed Industrial and Business Houses involved in various fields like Aviation, Banking, Manufacturing, Trading, Travel Trade, Media Houses etc.


A House Insurance (Ghar Beema)

This policy is issued for purely residential building or apartment or temple, place of meditation up to Sum Insured Rs. 2 crore

B Property Insurance (Sampati Beema)

There are different types of property insurance policy that can be issued:

  • Normal Property Insurance
  • Short Period Policy


Short period policy are issued with short period premium rate

  •  Up to 1 month 15% of annual premium
  •  Up to 3 months 40% of annual premium
  •  Up to 6 months 70% of annual premium
  • Up to 9 months 85% of annual premium
  •  Above 9 months 100% of annual premium


Agreed Valued Policy

  • Artifacts Curios Manuscripts Archaeologically important buildings etc.
  • Whose market value is not readily available are insured undervalued property insurance policy
  • Sum Insured is fixed as per valuation certificate or with mutual consent
  •  nspection is compulsory
  • Depreciation is not applicable

Floating Policy

  •  Floating policies are issued when insured is aware of total value of stock but cannot declare specific sum insured at each location.
  •  Stocks stored in different locations under single policy and single Sum Insured is issued
  • Highest rate applicable is charged.
  • This policy cannot be issued for more than 5 locations
  • Floating policies can be issued on Declaration basis also.


 Declaration Policy

   Stocks belonging wholesalers, distributors which are liable to frequent changes in value, quantity can be insured under this policy.

  • Sum insured selected on the basis of highest value of stock expected at any time during the year.
  • Sum Insured must be 5 crore or above.
  •  100 % Premium is paid initially
  • Insured has to declare value of stock periodically.
  • On the basis of declaration made a refund of premium can be made up to 25% of provisional premium
  • Declaration policy is not issued for short period, stock in process, etc.


  • Floating Declaration Policy
  • Reinstatement Policy
  •  Reinstatement clause is attached to policy.
  •  In the event of loss, the amount payable is the cost of reinstating property of same kind or type by new property without applying depreciation
  •  It is known as New for Old policy
  •  Reinstatement has to be carried out within one year
  •  Otherwise the loss will be settled on the normal basis i.e.. Market value
  • This policy is issued on building and machinery not in stock


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